Webert Sicot

  • Birth: 1930
  • Birthplace: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
  • Genre: Cadance
  • Year Active: -1985


Webert Sicot was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti in 1930. Known as great musician, multi-instrumentalist, saxophonist, band leader, and composer he attended Centrale des Arts et Metiers. Sicot, under the tutelage of Augustin Bruno learned the rudiments of music while there. Later He was privileged enough to be exposed to other great musicians such as Francois Guignard. Sicot made his professional debut in Jazz Capois of Claudin Toussaint. He later fluctuated between Jazz des Jeunes and Orchestre Saieh. In 1957, with Guy Durosier, Webert recorded with El Saieh one of the best albums in Haitian music history. Later on he joined successively the Conjunto International of Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Orchestre Citadelle, Casino International band, and Orchestre Latino, La Fleche d'or des freres Sicot.

A rivalry between Sicot and Nemours Jean-Baptiste has captured the Haitian imagination for a long time. Sispan'n Voye Tach was one of Sicot's pieces that were directed to Nemours.
Sicot's desire to bring his own flavor motivates him to create Cadence Compas, a variant of Haitian meringue with complex notes and sophisticated melody. This rivalry reached unimaginable proportion. His spontaneity, his reflexes, his inventive musical mind, and his technical abilities made him one the greatest Haitian performers. Trumpet, bass, flute, trombone, guitar, drums, alto and tenor saxophone are all the instruments that he could play with great mastery. His style was evocative of intense lyricism mixed with a "great fire underneath it all". His memorable hits are: Ti Came Au, Pa Triche, Lucienne, Toujours Plus Ferme, A L'Amour, Ti Tata, Belle Martiniquaise and Nanotte Cherie.
Sicot was an innovative and charismatic musician whose personality and musical dexterity have transformed Haitian music. He died on February 1985. His memory is forever ingrained in the Haitian conscience.

- Paul Sanon -

Source: Haitian / American Sports and Education Network