Shoogar Combo

  • Birth: 1974
  • Birthplace: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
  • Genre: Compas-Direct
  • Year Active: 1974 to ?


 Shoogar Combo started as a great mini-jazz called Shoo Blak. This band had a couple of albums including the original Lelenne Cherie which later inspired one of the greatest hits of Shoogar Combo. Shoo Blak's main personnel were maestro lead guitarist Adrien Dupuy and singer Joseph Laine also known as 'Blageur'. Shoo Blak also include in its line up Nazaire, Baba, Musset, Fritz-Jean, Joinville, Leon etc.

During the 1970's until 1979, the group Shoo Blak performed great konpa music with a mini jazz style, a perfect marriage of saxophone and electric guitar. The group already composed great songs which will be later improved and re-released during the Shoogar Combo era, for example 'Kimbe Dos M'. In 1979, the group Shoo Blak officially became Shoogar Combo with the release of 'Ca Ou Co Oue' and 'Crache Dife' on Mini Records Label.

The group included several group of musicians over the years, however the main member and leader of the group was guitarist maestro Adrien Dupuy, Yves Joseph Romain on tenor sax and impresario Gerard Chery. The original members included besides Dupuy and Romain, band leader and bassist Jean-Baptiste Pierre aka BABA, Gracia Jean-Phillipe aka Tikit and Musset Dascy aka Vava; guitarist Roosevelt Chatelier, pianist Lucien Bastien, Rulhieres Celestin aka Gueguel on tom & cowbel, Leon Beauvais on congas, drummer Jean Claude Jules, Wilhem Colas on alto sax and Louis Bonhomme and Gracia Pierre on trumpet and trombone. Singer 'Blageur' will come back to the band after the Shoo Blak days as well during the 1980s.