Rodolphe Legros (Dodof)

  • Birth: 1913
  • Birthplace: Port-Au-Prince


Known as singer, song writer,and composer. He is considered as one of the best singers of his generation. Born in Bolosse neighborhood, he attended Jean-Marie Guilloux. At an early age, with a seducing
and inviting voice, he was hailed as a prodigy.

Later on, with Dormelasse Philippe, Alexandre Legros, Dodof co-founded HH3W, a trio.
As an avant-guard, he was a model for younger and future super-stars such as Guy Durosier, Pierre Riche and the Auguste brothers. Guy Durosier, in his heyday, paid him homage in one of his famous songs.
Dodof was a nationalist in conventional sense. His compositions were sprinkled with local décor. Manman Dada, Troubadour, Confiance, Trois Feuilles, Maman Nanotte, Mademoiselle je vous Aime, and Marabout de Mon Cœur can illustrate his penchant for folks music.

Dodof Legros, after exporting Haitian culture in Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, and USA, died at Cumberland Hospital in Brooklyn. He is one of the best singers in Haitian history.