Robert M. Eugene (Shoubou)

  • Birth: 1947
  • Birthplace: Port-De-Paix, Haiti
  • Genre: Compas-Direct
  • Year Active: 1968-Present


Robert M. Eugene (Shoubou), born in Port-de-Paix in 1947, is known as one of the great singers in the Haitian history. After completing his studies in his native city, he migrated to Petion-Ville. While there, he joined the Ibo Negro Band and subsequently was recruited by the Tabou of Albert Chancy.

Even with the presence of the celebrated singer Serge Guerrier, he was acclaimed for his Shoubouesque ways of singing: dans la vie, les freres Tabou, Se pa et Natacha. In the late 60’s, as many of the musicians migrated to New-York, the band broke up. After regrouping in New-York, Shoubou was an integral part of the Canne a Sucre album. When finally, the other singer Serge Guerrier left the group, Shoubou became a super star.

In songs like Ale lave, Maria, plus pres de toi, Ti Granmoun, Bebe Paramount, Compas Popcorn, and Minouche, Shoubou had shown his versatility and range.

In 8th sacrament and The Masters albums with Dadou Pasquet and Yvon Biassiou, Shoobou became a mega star. After Dadou, and Yvon Biassou’s departure, Shoubou became bigger than life. His voice became Tabou Combo trade mark.

Today, after more than 30 years of services, more than 20 albums and traveling throughout the globe to internationalize Kompa, Shoubou is still going. Despite his many performances and exploits, probably, Shouboo will be best remembered for his performance with Kavas as a guest artist in Paris.

Shoubou is currently living in New-York. He is still the official Tabou Combo’s voice and one of the strongest voices in the history of Haitian music.

Paul Sanon