Raoul Guillaume

  • Birth: 1927
  • Birthplace: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
  • Genre: Folklorik


Raoul Guillaume, born in Port-Au-Prince in 1927, is known as saxophonist, arranger, and band leader. He went to St-Louis Conzague High and was part of the School Band with Guy Durosier. He has also attended the US School of Music. He made his professional debut in Orchestre Saieh with Guy Durosier. When that band broke up, he founded his own group. With Charles Dessalines, Rene Ferdinand D’Or, Luc Desgrottes, Joe Trouillot, and Ansy Derose, Raoul Guillaum’s band was successful.
As a prolific composer, he has been credited for: Crème a la Vanille, Tiyet, Complainte paysanne, 40 anwo, 40 anba, Ti Fefe, Se Leon, nap pouse bouret, papa Damballah and Vive le football.

Under the Francois Duvalier regime, he took refuge in New-York. While there, he continued his musical career in West Indies Orchestra, and Three Men Orchestra before adventuring in an oral project, Lavi Nouyok. This oral play depicts the struggle, the regrets and the hopes of Haitian life. This play was simply evocative of his anguish and melancholy in a foreign land.
After Francois Duvalier’s death, he returned in Haiti. As an entrepreneur, he was involved in bar and gas station businesses. Thereafter, Alexandre Abellard, the director of Radio National put in charge of Radio National Band. Raoul Guillaume recruited Webert Sicot and Charles Delva in order to bring back the Victorian
age of Haitian Music. But music, as any other human function is dynamic and futuristic in essence. In sum, Raoul Guillaume is still alive and is considered as one of the pillars in the annals of Haitian music.

Paul sanon