Mona Guerin

  • Birth: October 9, 1934
  • Birthplace: Port-Au-Prince
  • Genre: Entertainers
  • Year Active: 1958-?


Known as an actor, playwright, Journalist, teacher, entertainer and writer. Mona Rouzier went to primary and secondary schools at St Joseph of cluny in Port-au-Prince.Mona's life was shaped by her both parents' sense of humor and particularly her mother's wisdom and kindness. In Roye! Les Voila! A radio drama, grand mother Merien personifies her mother's great qualities. Her father, a vice- secretary of state under Elie Lescot presidency, went into hardship after Lescot' s overthrowing.

This whole 1946 revolution and its repercussions have also impacted Mona's life. In 1958, she published her first collection of poems, written in alexandrine. The year after, she rec eived a scholarship to Ottawa Catholic University and majored in contemporary literature.

After her schooling days, she went back to Haiti and married Joseph Guerin. From 1965 to 1980, she was a teacher at Galop Schoo l while she was pursuing her acting career. From 1966 to 1976, she wrote many plays such as L'Oiseau de ces dames, La Pieuvre (1971 La Pension Vacher (1976). Although La Pieuvre is her favorite play, La Pension Vacher was the most acclaimed one . Her plays touch many themes such as love, beauty, humor, excellence snobbism, the feminine mystique, and inequality of sex. Mona was a prolific artist. She produced many shows of various genres and themes such as education, religion and satire. Recreation avec tante Mariette, ces dames gardent la ligne, variations sur un mo t et Jackotte, and Dieu a tout moment are examples of her versatility. Ultimately, Mona will be remembered mostly for having written Roye! Les Voila! From 1982 to1994, this radio drama on Radio-Metropole and Magik-Stereo was one of the most rated radio programs. Mona Radio drama might once have religious, political, or allegorical significance, but today we tend to focus more on the talent and the technique that she uses to convey her message.

For 12 years Mona, the Jambe and the Merien Family were part of our daily lot. And after 950 episodes, it seems that Roye! Les Voila becomes part of our being and a strong point of reference.Besides being a great radio personality, Mona Guerin wrote more than 150 sketches for gala galerie pr ogram from 1977 to 1981 and has also written for the nouvelliste paper for 5 years. Mona is still living in Haiti. She has 2 children and is definitely one the living legends of the Haitian literature.