Lumane Casimir

  • Birth: 1917
  • Birthplace: Gonaives, Haiti
  • Genre: Folklorik
  • Year Active: ?


 Lumane Casimir, born in Gonaives in 1917, is known as singer, guitar player, and song writers. A diva in the modern sense, Lumane has captured the Haitian imagination forever. Lumane is a pioneer. At an early age, she learned the guitar. For a woman of that time, that was a big feat. With her exceptional voice and her guitar skills, she was performing in many neighboring counties of Artibonite. Around 1930, she was spotted by the Pianist Lina Mathon Blanchet.

Thereafter, she joined the Legba Choir which she used as a stepping stone to stardomville. For Lumane, music was social. Her songs were a synergy between her individualism and the environment with its misery and hope. Of a poor upbringing, most of her songs were philosophical in nature, reflecting the meaning of time, life, sisterhood, faith, politics, and arts. She became such a diva that she became guest artist in Jazz des Jeunes, and El Saieh. In 1951, Luanne toured with Jazz des Jeunes with drum players such as Tiroro, Jean Remy, and Alphonse Cimber. She wrote many hits such as Larivye mwen te ye, and Lumanne pa bel fanm. For a long period, Lumane symbolized happiness, redemption and a better tomorrow.

Paul Sanon

Source: Haitian / American Sports and Education Network