Jean Claude Jacques (Patchou)

  • Birth: 1950
  • Birthplace: Cap-Haitian
  • Year Active: 1975-?


Born in Cap-Haitian in the late 50's is known as a singer, choralist, soccer player, actor, song writer, playwright and comedian. History seems to have a great sense of humor. And Patchou plays History with his own sense of humor, non-pretentious attitude, and non-sanctimonious spiritual air. Foundation Vincent, Cours Classiques and Omega are the institutions that have shaped his existence. At an early age, Patchou was part of Ensemble 7, a church choir, but soccer was his passion.

In 1975, he joined ASC, a first division soccer team, as a goalkeeper behind Petrus and Zeff. Unable to start over the two older and more experienced goalies, in 1976, he transferred to Dynamo de Pele. Then, he became a fixture.

A great goalkeeper, he was also in the entertaining business. In the Tripoteur of Bougie with Boule Microbe, and Bougie himself, Patchou was displaying his high octane acting skills and was heral ded as one of the best actors of the era. In 1977, Patchou grew the College Omega soccer team from a perennial loser to a consistent powerhouse with Filam, Pele Radio Citadelle, Djabolo, Williams Morin, and Jibronze Dejoie. Patchou's underdog te am upset the powerful College Notre-Dame team of, Maxime Auguste, Eric Auguste, Alan Lindor, Patrick Belhome, Robillard, Amos Pierre, Edouard Celestin, and Lesly St-Louis in one of the most memorable so ccer finals. September 4, 1981, Patchou, the multi- talented retired from soccer and acting to indulge in music ca reer with the International Tropicana. A singer of great skills, Patchou is revered for his song writing abilit ies. He has blessed the Tropicana with great hits such as: Soufrance, Move Zanmi, Rinmin Moun Ki Rinmin, Toleranc e, Labadi Ce Paradi, and Attention Mechan.

Patchou's songs have this cinematic undertone. You can visualize his songs as you listen to them. They are deep enough to put you in a reflective mode. Some of Patchou can wound our soul , but most of them were written to heal our spirit. Patchou, the multi-talented, a happy-go-lucky guy is still flourishing with the Tropicana.