Hulric Pierre-Louis

  • Birth: September 22, 1928
  • Birthplace: L'Acul-du-Nord, Haiti
  • Genre: Boleros
  • Year Active: 1946-?


 Hulric Pierre-Louis (Maestro) (born at L'Acul-du-Nord September 22, 1928) is one of the most prestigious musicians in our history. He is a prolific and highly influential composer. In 1935, he began his primary education at Marius Levy before transferring to "Freres de L'Instruction Chretienne". After completing his primary school, he has attended "Lycee Philippe Guerrier High school for 4 years. 

At Freres de L'Instruction Chretienne, he has learned the rudiments of music with teacher Davoust Gilles and was also part of the school choir. Then, he learned classical guitar from Pastor St-Amant Gabriel, and Mr Edouard Coecifi. Also, a member of our defunct army, David Desamours has taught the flute. At Lycee Philippe Guerrier High School, he was part of the school band, "l'orchestre Symphonia". In 1946, he joined Jazz Youyou as a guitar player. After a short stint with Jazz Youyou, he co-founded the Group Astoria with Jacob Germain and Jacques Mompremier. In July27, 1948, the self- learned saxophoniste co-founded Septentrional with, Jean Menuau , Pierre Volonte, Theodule Pierre,Leandre Fidele,Jacob Germain, Rigaud Fidele,Raymond Jean-Louis, Jacques Mompremier. Septent was simply a fusion between the Trio Astoria and the Quatuor Septemtrional of Jean Menuau, Theodule Pierre ,Leandre Fidele, and Raymond Jean-Louis.

He wrote many hits such as: Anbisyon,Cite du Cap-Haitien, Evolusyon, Mambo Bossu, Habitant, Maryani, GranPion,Djo Kannel, Pran Courage, Tambou Frappe, Ayiti, Se Lavi etc. Mambo Bossu is his first composition and Cite du Cap-Haitien is considered his best by many. His compositions are greatly appreciated for and defined by their intellectual depth, and their immense and highly personal expression. To repeat Ernst Calixte: "his body of works is simply sociology in the purest form". His favorite musicians are:Ti Jacques saxophone, Nono Lamy, Guy Durosier ,Loulou, Roger Colas, and Alfred Moise.

For more than 60 years, our cherished maestro has been at the forefront of the haitian music. He is one of the pioneers that have labored to place our musicians at a higher pedestal. Great musician, formidable composer, exceptional conductor, and excellent administrator, he is our Mozart. Besides providing us with a great band, great inspiration and melodious songs for almost six decades, our cherished Maestro is still teaching us the great principles of humanity such as: vision, discipline, hope, perseverance, sacrifice, success, longevity and love. And we hope that our sweet Septent will transcend our earthly existence.

- Chantal Dadaille/ Paul Sanon -

Source: Haitian / American Sports and Education Network