Gerard Dupervil

  • Birth: 1932
  • Birthplace: Miragoane, Haiti
  • Genre: Folklorik
  • Year Active: 1950-?


Gerard Dupervil, born in Miragoane, in 1932 is known as Malacca, trumpet, harmonica, guitar accordion’s player and singer. Endowed with a melodious voice, he really can hypnotize anyone. At an early age, Frank, his older brother, introduced him to music and with Merilus Pierre-Louis; they founded “Les gais Printemps Band”, a trio. When he moved to Port-Au-Prince, he attended “La centrale des Arts et Metiers. While there, he had the privilege of sharpen his skills under the tutelage of Augustin Bruno, a great music teacher. In 1950, he was part of Conjunto International with Nemours, Sicot, and Antal Cidas Murat. 

In 1958, he joined the celebrated Jazz des Jeunes. Instantly, he embellished Jazz des Jeunes repertoire with famous French songs such as Fleur de Mai, J’ai Peche, Minouche, Bon Voyage, Des roses pour des coeurs, and Toujours l’amour. His interprétations of certain popular songs such as grog mwen, ma brune, tchoul la sou, and je n’ai pas change were ground-breaking. Yet, Gerard Dupervil is also known as one of the most prolific composers in Haitian history. Among his hits we can mention: Machann Kasav, Aprann Lavi, Kompe Kok, and Denise.

Once, it was rumored that Gerard Dupervil, in his heyday was dating Marie Denise, President Francois Duvalier’s daughter. But Wiler Cecile whom once was fellowshipping in the same seventh day Adventist church as Gerard claims that Gerard has denied it.

In1966, he migrated to Chicago, USA. Thereafter, he produced two albums: Kout Lang, and T’en souviens-tu in which he interpreted some hits of the defunct Dodof Legros such as; Troubadou, Konfyans, Marabou De mon Coeur, and Renmen.

In the late 80’s, Gerard Dupervil returned to his native and gave up the ghost on June 1994. Still, his voice is alive in our hearts and soul.

Paul sanon

Source: Haitian / American Sports and Education Network