Antoine Rossini (Ti manno)


Antoine Rossini Jean-Baptiste (Ti Manno) born in Gonaives in 1953, is known as singer, guitar player, keyboard player, and percussionist. Ti Manno learned the rudiment of music at Freres de l’instruction Chretienne Primary School. As a teenager, he was part of his neighborhood group. Then successively, he joined the “ Diables du Rythme and Formidables of St-Marc and performed as keyboardist, guitar player, and percussionist.

In the early 70’s he migrated to Boston and with Ricot Mazarin was part of the Volo Volo of Boston. Who can forget his melodious voice in songs like Karese, Amour Volo Volo, and Pyes Nan Do? After the Volo Volo, he was recruited by the Astros de New-York of Arsene Apollon. In 1978, after touring with the Astros, he decided to take residence in Port-Au-Prince. Thereafter, he timidly co-habited with Herve Bleus in D.P. Express.

The ensuing years, he was catapulted in a mega star stature in “David” album. His voice was raw but passionate. His lyrics were simple but honest. With a magic touch, Ti Manno can draw you in. He can hypnotize anyone and take you either to the apex or the nadir of your being.

The enigmatic singer can make jump, bend down, and remove your shirt, raise your hand, laugh and cry as he pleases. This mover of people became a social phenomenon.

In 1981, he left the D.P. Express and founded the Gemini Express. With songs like, Lajan O, Neg Kont Neg, Eksplwatasyon, Realite, Banboch Kreyol, Se pou nou Prye, Men Kontre, and So Tye Mond, Ti Manno became bigger than life. Ti Manno was singing for the masses. He gave voices to their struggle, their hopes, and their pains.

Ti Manno died on May, 13 1985, in New-York and remains as one of the high-octane mega-stars in the history of Haitian music.

Paul Sanon

Source: Haitian / American Sports and Education Network