Ansy Derose

  • Birth: 1934
  • Birthplace: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
  • Genre: Folklorik
  • Year Active: 1963-1998


Arntz Derose (Ansy) born in Port-Au-Prince in 1934, is known as singer, teacher, paint artist, musician, guitar player, architect, song writer, poet, designer, and arranger. Despite the immensity of his talents, he considered himself as a singer more than anything else.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mahy, a French music teacher, taught him the first singing lessons. Then, she was exposed to seasoned musicians such as: Guy Durosier, Raoul Guillaume, and Desgrottes. As Ansy was sharpening his music skills, he attended “J.B Damier”, a trade School and subsequently becamea teacher in the same institution. Later on, he joined the “Raoul Guillaume band.

With his inviting voice, he made “40 en haut/ 40 en bas” a big hit. After his success in Raoul Guillaume band, he decided to further his education in Germany. After completing his studies in Germany, despite those American offers, he went back to Haiti to give back to his community.

For more than 20 years, he served as teacher and principal at J. Damier. In the meantime as a paint artist, his paintings were exposed in many galleries and museum throughout the globe. In the early 60’s, Ansy published his first solo album. With great songs as Ginou, Ne pars pas, l’attente, Laura, Regina, Chacun Por soi, Inqietude, and Manvi al Lakay mwen, Ansy became a sensation. And by the time he released Quo Vadis Terra, we were all breathing Ansy.

Bonne fete maman, cherie pa femsa, a ma soeur , Naide, Ti Kafe, and Se ou, became part of our daily life. A quintessential artist, Ansy combined his meticulously cultivated charm with his poetic sensibility to conquer our soul. Capable of moving from the social to the educational without neglecting the political, Ansy covered the all spectrum of human emotion.

Anacaona, Therese, Laura, Si bondye, pran konsyans, FDA, Kouraj, Chacun pour soi, are few examples of his richness and depth. With Yole, his wife, they blessed us with so many great songs.

A nationalist of the first order, Ansy died on January 17, 1998 after spending his whole life serving other. He is one of the most versatile figures in Haitian History and remains one of the most enigmatic personalities who ever walked in face of this planet.

Paul Sanon