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Home of the largest Compas library on the web with video from most popular media sites across the web, Belmizik.Net is part search engine, part media directory, and part social network. Users can search & explore media channels (groups, forums and videos) covering just about any topic or area of interest ? from automotive to technology, comedy to entertainment.


* Search & explore over thousands of audio & video
* Browse by category or by keyword tags
* Rate & review content
* Create a profile page & connect with friends
* Share content via email or embed into external sites & social networks


* Consumers of online media (audio, video & podcasts) spend considerably more time on the Internet each day ? nearly double that of Internet users who do not consume podcasts. provides an engaging and brand-appropriate environment for marketers to reach online audiences that are becoming more difficult to reach through traditional media advertising.
* Online media consumers are very active online shoppers/purchasers, and far more likely to have paid for digital content. connects marketers with audiences that are comfortable with digital media and making purchases online.
* Online media consumers are active social networkers. connects marketers with audiences that are actively engaged in online conversations and expressing their personalities with other online. Simply put, audience is comprised of key online influencers.
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