About Belmizik.Net

Belmizik is a social networking community music service that provides its audiences the ability to discover new and old Haitian's music. With an extensive music library, listening anytime day or night is a breeze. We are working hard on finding you those albums which are rare and hard to come by. Relive those wonderful memories. Users can interact with each other and? express themselves by uploading their own medias, such as, video music and photos. Also form connections with other people via either specific groups or in the forums based on their shared tastes and interests. Our goal is to make this a global archive of our rich musical culture. To have as many songs, albums ?and bands as possible for your listening enjoyment and reference. And to best achieve this goal we are counting strongly on the community via diverse form of donations.

All accounts at Belmizik are free and we are a non-profit entity.


As of right now the following are the type of donations we are accepting:
* Haitian's music in mp3 format encoded at 128kbps minimum (see faqs on how to convert to mp3 and this link on how to upload songs, you must be a registered member)
* Old LP (plaques) or CDs that can be sent to us for conversion ourselves.
* Album art pictures (front and back labels)
* Historic documentation on artists or bands
* Your time - We are looking for volunteers who can help with different aspect of the site
* Your creative feedback
* Last but not least, your referral - Please take the time to refer a friend

Our promotional services to artists

We strongly encourage artists to join us, we are here to promote our musical culture as best as possible.
We provide free custom website off the Belmizik domain (i.e www.djet-x.belmizik.net) to musicians or bands.
So if you or someone you know has their own music, this site is for you and it is free! Come join us today!

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Your opinion is an important element of our business. It lets us know
what we could do better. It also tells us what we are doing right!
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Thank you,

The Belmizik Team